Backing Up Data As Often As You Want

I had been looking for a new backup service, and a friend suggested that I look at the one that he uses for his small business. Even though we have very different businesses, I knew that he would not have suggested it if he didn’t think that it would be a good match for my own company. I did a search for Idera backup and was happy with what I initially saw. My only real concern was if I would be able to back up as frequently as I wanted to. My friend has a much smaller business, so having just a daily or even twice a week backup would be ideal for him.

For me though, I could have devastating results if my data was not backed up multiple times a day. When I looked to see how often I would be able to back up, I was beyond happy with the answer I found. I was hoping that just backing up a few times a day would be okay, but they actually will allow a company or person to back up whenever they want. That can mean hourly, every few hours, or even once a minute.

I would not need that tight of control over getting my data backed up, but I was happy that I would be able to have it backed up at least three or four times a day. I looked at other things, such as restoring files, payments, and guarantees, and everything was in order. I went ahead and took advantage of their free trial, since I knew that I would know within the first 48 hours if this was a service that I would be happy with. Needless to say, it definitely is, and I have been a satisfied customer for almost six months now.

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