Creating Clever and Useful Hashtags

Twitter has become one of the fastest growing social media platforms while at the same time offering services social services that no other social media company has been able to provide themselves. There is no doubt that twitter is a powerhouse in social networking, allowing for both the spreading of civil rights, allowing people all over the world to maintain contact with one another during emergencies, uprisings and more. For those of us in marketing, we also go as far as to visit to help us spread the news of our brand, product or service that we are attempting to sell.

I have found it to be incredibly useful to utilize service which allow a Twitter user to buy retweets – it is certainly a grey area in regards to Twtter’s terms of service but I beoiegve that if it is used responsibly a good amount of money can be made through it. However, I have to caution those who are interested in using one of these services. Make sure that the chosen service has true, real life Twitter users and profiles instead of bots. A retweet is only as good as the profile is and the number of followers that the profile has.

The point of retweeting is to have the content spread about and engaged with. If the profiles that are retweeting your tweet without appropriate hashtags, or without one at all, that content is not going to be seen and is going to be pointless. However, creating a hashtag for the brand or the advertising campaign will also help push forward any content that the user creates as well as any content that is being associated with it. I find this to work best just in case the content that is being shared is going to have a better reach.

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