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Promote Your Band: Making a Career off Music

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

In making the decision that you want to make music your career, you have to promote your band. Essentially, if people don’t know about you, no one would be lining up to buy your music whether it’s from music retailers or online stores like Amazon. Even if you have a few fans in the world right now, they wouldn’t be able to sustain you enough so you can keep on making music.

It’s with hard core promotion of your band that you can get money in your pocket. Utilize internet radio where you can be the DJ and play your songs for the whole program. Blog about your experiences as a band and connect with other bloggers by commenting on their music posts.

Open an account with a social networking site and provide for information about your concerts, new albums, etc. When you get the buzz going about your band when you promote your band, it’s easier to put some money in your pocket.

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Casio: Using the Same Samples

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

One problem about the Casio PX 3 is that it uses the same samples as the cheaper Casio PX-130. In fact, it uses the same samples as the Casio PX-130 and Casio PX-330. Is it worth purchasing the Casio PX-3 then? I say no.

The Casio PX-3 is too expensive to be getting when you can get a similar product for half the price. The sampling loops are the same as the much cheaper Casio PX-130, and in fact, they still have not worked on fixing their incredibly short looping samples. It has constantly been a problem, but they still refuse to fix it.

Thankfully, they did fix the issues with the durability of their products. The keys especially were a big problem. The Casio PX-130 was the first step toward fixing it. The keys still feel plastic, but they are durable. Now, the keys are one area where the Casio PX-3 made an improvement above the Casio PX-130. However, they are the same exact action. It’s just made of different material.

Now, ask yourself. Is it worth spending twice as much on a new material coating for the keys? I say no.

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Sing Properly with Online Vocal Lessons

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

If you would like to become a better singer then singing lessons online might be good resource for you. If you are looking for a singing lesson program that will give you a systematic understanding of everything you need to know about the voice and that also give you a bunch of vocal exercises as well, then an online singing lesson program may be the right thing for you. Because it is a systematic program, a step-by-step process, there is no guesswork with this kind of program, and you always know what to do next.

If your desire is to become the singer that you have always wanted to be, this kind of program will give you the vocal training you need in order to get there. You will get a step-by-step way getting to your dream. And online singing lesson program is a step in the right direction in the dream begins with one small step in right direction.

Because vocal warm-ups and strengthening exercises are vital to becoming a good singer, an online singing lesson program will give you these as well as all the knowledge you need about the voice and how it works. So what you need to do is take the lessons and finish them and have the drive to practice your vocal exercises every day, and that will help you become good singer. And you will also fix any bad habits that you may have picked up along the way that are damaging your voice when you sing. So you can build good habits in the place of the bad habits and erase those bad habits with a program like this.

A good breath management system is the beginning of what it means to sing properly. Singing with your diaphragm rather than your throat is all that this really means. You need to sing from your diaphragm is something I’m sure you have probably heard before, but has the technique really been explained to you? Taking a complete breaths and having proper posture is the beginning of what it means to sing from the diaphragm. Also making sure that your head, neck and torso are aligned is very important. If you stand up against the wall, this will give you an idea of what it means to have proper posture. And throughout the entire singing event, make sure that your chest remains high.

When you speak you take shallow breaths but singing from your diaphragm you need to take complete breaths. Breathing for singing and breathing for speaking are very different. If you sign up for good online singing lesson program you get a step-by-step learning along with all the proper types of vocal exercises so that you can finally learn how to sing properly.

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