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Getting Reliable Electricity Without Paying Too Much

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

The days of candlelight and manually cranked radios are long gone, because in today’s digital world electricity is crucial. Every room from the kitchen to the bedroom makes use of electricity, so it is hard to imagine living in a world without it. Homes are full of appliances and electronics that rely on electricity to provide entertainment, food, and even things like hot water. Some of them use more power than others and things are definitely getting more and more efficient every day, but the bottom line is that when using it on a constant basis, the electricity rates you pay can be a very important factor.

Fortunately there is some government regulation involved, as energy companies know that we are desperate for their services. Rather than letting them charge infinite amounts and leaving us with no option but to pay it, they are somewhat limited. But even with this, there can still be a big difference between different companies out there. (more…)

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