Getting Things Set Up at My New Place

We got down here this morning, of course we ran in to some bad traffic going through Charlotte and more of it in Greenville, but that is nothing you do not expect. I probably could have timed my trip better, because we blundered right in to the morning rush hour in Charlotte. The place we moved to is right across the state lines of South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. It is not that far to Alabama from here either. Of course if you look here you can see that I just kept the satellite package that I had before. Direct TV does not care one little bit whether I am in Peach Tree City Georgia or High Point NC. It is all the same to them and they do not care so long as I pay the bill every month. Of course I am going to regret the deal that I made with them before it is over I am quite sure.

It was one of those introductory offers and I may have signed up for a long time from what I am thinking. Of course it was going to save me a small fortune off of what Time Warner was charging me and so I am going to end up paying a lot less in the total. It just will not be as much fun when I open up the bill in another month and they start charging me twice as much as what I have been paying up to this point. It is just the cost of doing business though. If you want to have this sort of thing you have to pay for it and you either pay one of them or the other one. You just have to figure out which is going to give you the better deal.

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