I Was Thinking About Doing Some Backpacking Again

I got to thinking about doing some backpacking again. I got a post card from one of my old pals and he was working as a Medical volunteer in Nepal. Of course I went to check out his blog and it was pretty awesome what he was up to. I am not sure that a normal person would want to work at those altitudes though. He was really up there and it is not as though Nepal is some sort of story book land. It has real problems actually, I think that they have a Maoist rebel group there and on occasion they have real political turmoil. Of course it is right next door to a lot of places where they have very serious issues. Pakistan and India are always threatening to fight yet another war over Kashmir, which is just to the South. Then the Chinese and the Indians are engaged in a bit of border conflict to the East and South.

To the West there is Afghanistan and it has about enough misery to spread around to a couple dozen countries. Tibet is occupied by the People’s Republic of China and has been for about half of a century. Near that they have the Uighur minority in China which is being marginalized by the Han Chinese colonizing their land in Central Asia. So if you turn in any direction you can find some place with very serious problems and I am guessing that a medical volunteer in Nepal has a whole lot to do. My friend is not that wealthy either. He has probably not even paid off his medical school debts and I wonder how he can afford to be volunteering. It must me something where he has a real sponsor who is helping to pay for it.

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