Just Got Up to Northern California

I am not exactly some one that you could call an entrepreneur, but I have been doing pretty good since I got up here. I am living near Folsom Lake in the area around the North of Sacramento. Linda and I have moved up here because she got a promotion and now we are both working in the are. We have a nice little house and we had to get ADT home security in Sacramento. It is one of those monitored systems with a bunch of bells and whistles. In fact I am not quite sure that a smart hacker could not break in to the system and override it. There must be a way to get in the thing and figure out how to do that sort of stuff. Of course I am not sure that we have enough stuff to make it worth the effort to some guy who was smart enough to do that.

Of course this is one of those systems that you can hook up to a smart phone with. So I can look on my phone and see if the dog is doing okay. I am not really sure why I would do that. In fact I can set it up so that I can let some guy in my front door remotely if I I wanted to do it. So if some plumber was there to fix the pipes and he rang the door bell it could be set up so that I could see him and then I could let him go in the door. Of course you can set up a code that is only good for one time for a thing like that too. So the plumber could get in when you wanted him to get in, but not some other time.

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