Looking at What This Place is Worth

Of course what Ian and Sam want for the place and what I think it is worth are too different things. I have been looking at trying to get a realistic fast food restaurant appraisal of the location. In fact I have the idea that the place could be operated better than it is right now. Of course the location is pretty decent, because it is near the main road, but there is not a lot of other competition in the area. It is hard to figure out how much better you could do if you have a good grill there. Of course right now they have a little bit of business, but it is not anything compared to what you might do if you put the money in the place to set it up right. Of course that is going to take some work and thought if you want to have it work well.

Right now they have a gas station with a little grocery story. You have a good bit of business, but it is a lot of people just stopping to get a six pack or a sandwich. You might get some snack foods or something like that. Of course there are a lot of people working in this area and if you gave them a choice they might well come here and get their lunch. I am thinking that you would want to make pizza and stuff like that for sure. Of course Pizza is something that every one likes and you are not going to have any trouble selling it, especially if you do a good job of it. I figure you get some high quality hot dogs and chili too. That is both easy and quick, so you could sell that easy as pie.

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