Moving to the Retreat at Eagles Landing Was a Great Choice for Us

We found a nice apartment with a first floor entrance and it has a washer and dryer. The kitchen is the perfect size for the two of us as well. We even have an extra bedroom to use when family visits. We usually have someone come stay for a few days during the holidays. Our Stockbridge apartment is very pretty on the outside as well. The grounds are very well cared for and maintained. Everything is beautiful from the lawns to the perennial plants. We have covered parking and there is a nighttime courtesy patrol to keep an eye on things. That is nice to have no matter where you live since the police cannot have eyes everywhere at once.

There is a clothing care facility on the premises, but we opted for an apartment with the washer and dryer. I, for one, do not really like using a laundromat. There is just something about washing your underwear in the same washer your neighbor might be using. That might be okay with you, but it is not with me. We like the outdoor walking paths a whole lot. My wife and I go for a walk every day no matter what our individual schedules are. Sometimes we can stay out for hours. Other times we may only get a few minutes to walk together. It is just a thing we do together and appreciate so very much. It is beautiful here on the grounds.

The Retreat at Eagles Landing is the perfect name. It is like a resort retreat to us, and it is where we live. We have been happy with our move here from the first day. We have the most perfect neighbors too. We have become good friends with our neighbors next to us. It feels like this was home waiting for us to move in. It is so much nicer than the last place we lived at.

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