Started Looking for Another Roommate

I have been living at this place called the Oaks for over a year now. I went in with two other guys after I got the job that I have right now. It is in a pretty nice part of Vernon Hills IL and it is obviously very close to the place where me and the other two guys work. Now I am going to need another room mate pretty soon. The other day Dick got into with the guy who supervises his part of the shop. I only know about what happened second hand, but there are quite a few people saying that Dick punched him in the nose after a lot of shouting. Of course he got fired and the boss did not much care that the supervisor is a big fat jerk. He knows that just as well as all of the other people involved. At one point there was a pool over who was going to blow their top at this guy. He really loves to yell at people and I am glad that I have nothing to do with him. At any rate Dick has already packed up his stuff. He has no reason to stay here and he is going to move in with his girlfriend and try to stretch out his money as much as he can. It is not something that I would have wished for, because the entire concept behind this situation is to save money by splitting the rent three ways. That is something that requires three room mates. I have to find another guy to take over Dick’s room. It should be a fairly easy sale, since the rent is going to be around half of what you pay if you have an apartment where you live all by yourself.

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