The Perfect Anniversary Gift for My Brother

I wanted to get my brother the perfect anniversary gift. He and his wife had been married for only a year at that point, but they were making each other so happy, and I wanted to give them something as a celebration of that happiness. The only problem is that they are the types of people who just buy anything they need. That is great, until it comes time for someone else to buy them a gift. I looked for a while, and I finally found some hand painted red wine glasses that I knew they would both really like.

One of the things that they enjoy doing in the evenings after a long day at work is sit by their fireplace and enjoy a glass of red wine. They do this just about every night, which is okay because that is the only thing they ever drink, and it is just one glass for each of them. When I was looking at a bottle of wine to get them, I came across a really nice collection of wine glasses. What really drew me to them were the ones that have a grape design hand painted onto quality glasses.

There were a lot of different designs, but the ones with the grapes painted on them were so unique and pleasant to look at. I was able to find a set of 17 ounce glasses that are part of the Romance Collection. Coming from a collection with that name, I knew that they were the perfect ones for the happy couple. I was able to get a set of the glasses and wrap them with a bottle of fine red wine, and they both enjoyed their gifts a lot! I have a feeling they may continue to add to their wine glass collection with some more from the same company.

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