Working on an Old Dump Truck

I am not really sure how old this dump truck is, but I am going to be handling a few details of the rebuild. The thing apparently has sentimental value. The guy who owns it has about fifty or sixty dump trucks. He is looking to fix this one up because it was the first one, it belonged to his grandfather who bought it used when there was no company. I went to this site called train horns unlimited and found a set of old style air horns like the ones that he wanted. It is not going to be original, but the old ones have been crushed by something very heavy. It looks like a large tree limb fell across the roof of the cab at some point. It has apparently been parked out in the back of this business for well over a decade. At any rate you have to be willing to spend a whole lot of money if you want to fix up something like this.

The job of sandblasting this thing down to the bare metal is a huge job and obviously you are not going to be using a normal paint booth for the parts on this thing. We stripped it down to the chassis and took the body off of it. Of course the obvious thing would be to replace the dump bed on this one, since it would be easier to do it like that. However the guy has all of the original parts and he wants to use them. It will not look anything like it did when the thing started out though. It is not as though you can argue with the guy who is paying for the job. It does not matter if he wants to do it all wrong or not.

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